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When the style comes from the North

Which stove fits perfectly in a Scandinavian-inspired interior?

Everything you need and nothing more.

In renovating this apartment of 120 square meters, in Rimini, architect Luca Gangemi worked creating essentially three main premises: one big open space for the living room, a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom for the sleeping quarters. And that's it.

Nothing is missing though.

The clever solution was the creation of a multi-purpose box in the spacious living room, detached from the ceiling by a glass crowning. While marking the transition between living room and kitchen, this central volume contains a second small bathroom and has also allowed the construction of a small studio.

All the rooms have been designed maximizing the light intake, coming from three sides of the house, overlooking large balconies.

The result is a bright and functional unit, made all the more cosy and fresh by the choice of materials and colours: linen curtains, natural oak for the floors, birch and glass walls for storage units, white walls.

The furnishings are few and carefully chosen among the icons of design. Between chairs by Vitra, Flos lamps, armchairs by Patricia Urquiola, a functional object like the stove could not disfigure.

We chose a stove, not a fireplace, just because of its nature as a finished object, a separate object, with a personality all its own. – arch. Luca Gangemi.

The pellet stove Toba by MCZ is perfect in that respect. Drawn in 2011, first pellet product to win the prestigious IF Design Awards, still has a style like no other. The architect Gangemi chose it in white ceramic and gave it a place of honour between the dining table and the sofa, exalting it by creating a wall behind in natural oiled oak, that ideally continues the line of the floor.

Toba MCZ - Arch. Gangemi

In addition to the design, the possibility of programming and the efficiency of this stove are the real added value. – arch. Luca Gangemi.

Practical to use, Toba is used by the owners to completely replace the floor heating in the living room.

"In recent years, midseason in Rimini tends to continue for many months," says Gangemi. "The stove is really ideal to maintain thermal comfort of the whole house, without putting the whole system in operation." 

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

The dining table is in natural Walnut, with bark effect, with iron legs, treated in beeswax. The curtains are in rope-coloured natural linen, with a single stick of steel. The effect of the wall is given by a rough concrete pulled by hand with a spatula, a solution that with a reduced cost allows obtaining a result that is extremely interesting.

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

The ingenious solution of the multi-purpose box, enclosing the guest bathroom, is entirely custom made in wood, with a buffer of about 40 cm in glass, which visually lightens the whole, giving the illusion that the block does not arrive at full height. On the left the small study was obtained, while on the long side a wooden niche was created for the TV. Above the box fits a shelf in birch and transparent glass panels, which crosses the salon perpendicularly.

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

Progetto Nordic House - Arch. Gangemi

The kitchen is an independent space, separated by a sliding glass door. The wall unit is made of a corian countertop and white lacquered doors (Boffi), with a wall behind also with the cement finish used for the dining room. 


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