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A classic contemporary style pellet stove

It is not easy for a designer to approach a world like the one of Sergio Leoni. The stoves designed by master Sergio, from the 1960s onwards, are intended to heat up homes but also to ignite imagination and sensitivity. These ceramic objects are finely handcrafted, visually striking home furnishings that transmit all their ancient wisdom.

The designer Monica Graffeo has chosen to approach this world on tiptoe, with utter respect and discretion. "Three aspects caught my attention in particular," Monica Graffeo tells us.

First of all, the object itself, the stove.

In most cases, the functional aspects of a stove prevail, e.g. the fact that it should heat well. But, in reality, this object has a richer, more complex value to it. It is the warm heart of our home and is closely linked to very strong emotional meanings, such as sharing and listening. – Monica Graffeo, designer

Then there is the material used, ceramics.

Handcrafted ceramics is physically touched by the hand of those who work it. This touch is perceivable and gives it a tactile physicality and an objective difference compared to other materials. – Monica Graffeo, designer

A third aspect is classical style, which is typical of Sergio Leoni’s collections. Monica Graffeo has always been highly interested in the possibility of combining classical items in a contemporary and minimalist setting, thus creating contrast.

For Monica Graffeo, the creation of Maria Sofia was more difficult than she had expected. Having to deal with the logic of feasibility and technical limitations necessarily got things into perspective when it came to the most complex ideas. But despite the difficulties, the exchange of views was positive. 

“In this field, there are very few companies like the MCZ Group," says the designer. “Some of its brands, such as MCZ and Sergio Leoni, have long legitimised stoves as not being just a purely functional object. Design can therefore be integrated in a more complex approach to the project, which values the potential of the object itself, a sculptural and emotional object full of memories.”

The result is a stove with a remarkable visual impact.

Maria Sofia fits into the Sergio Leoni style with continuity, but without imitating it in an unoriginal way. It enhances the plasticity and sensuality of handcrafted ceramics with a jewel texture, in which light is refracted with an iridescent effect. 

A minimal and archetypal shape has been chosen, namely, round but embellished with metal inserts (nickel-plated steel or brass).

Maria Sofia is available with pellet operation, highly practical and ideal for the modern pace of life. The flame, large and enjoyable, brings to mind wood fire thanks to its high and deep firebox. Finally, Maria Sofia ensures top heating performance, with extremely clean and efficient combustion.

It is available in the following combinations: black/nickel, black/brass, white/nickel or black/brass.

For further information:

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
da Ihre website auch in Deutsch existiert, gehe ich davon aus, dass Sie Deutsch verstehen.
If you don´t understand, please let me know!

Ich habe 1988 Ihren Keramikofen „Maria Luiga“ von der Fa. Wolf und Co. in Jülich gekauft.
Frage: gilt für meinen Ofen die Typprüfung 2013 wie in Ihrer website ebenfalls oder haben Sie gegenüber meinem Ofen technische Änderungen vorgenommen?

Ich benötige die Typprüfung für die Behörden.

Besten Dank – mille gracia!
Wilhelm Wimschneider, Dr.

Bitte, schreiben Sie an Customer Care (, um die Typprüfung Ihren Öfen zu erhalten.

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