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A living area is rearranged around a fireplace

Renovation project in Gubbio

The Studio 9 architects were asked to focus on a specific goal: to rearrange the living area of a detached house located just outside the historic centre of Gubbio (PG) in order to increase its functionality. The clients, a young couple, had decided to change around the layout of the furniture that had been picked by the previous tenants, gaining extra space but without reducing the amount of light entering the house.

The floor plan of the house is a traditional one, with an entrance leading into an open space room and a small bathroom. Windows, doors or kitchen wall units cover the walls almost entirely.

The only adequately sized wall had a flue, which was already set up and ready for use.

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

However, the fireplace could not be placed in a “classic” front position, since the insertion in the flue would have been sloped, therefore making it impossible to ensure a good draught.

The proposed solution to reuse the existing system proved to be ideal, since it improved both the general look and functionality.

The wood-burning fireplace, the Forma T50 three-sided model by MCZ, was placed at a certain distance from the wall in order to create the necessary angle (45 degrees) for it to be inserted into the flue.

For the cladding, rather than creating a single parallelepiped that would have prevented natural light from entering the kitchen, thus compromising the sense of overall spatial continuity, the architects opted for an attractive interplay of volumes.

A marble base with a soft outline supports the first parallelepiped, in the colour dove grey, which encompasses the firebox and the hood. A second unit, painted white, goes all the way up to the ceiling and contains the first bend of the flue. A third unit, again in dove grey, continues horizontally towards the wall, enclosing the oblique section of the flue up to its insertion.

These three units leave a free space facing the main wall, which allows natural light to come through, making the entire room appear brighter and harmonious.

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ


Studio 9 Architettura

Veglia & NobilettiThe architects Francesca Nobiletti and Marco Veglia are active in Tuscany, Lazio, Marche and Umbria. The creativity of this eclectic couple is expressed in a variety of applications, including design and architectural restoration, installations and product design, town planning and landscape architecture, furniture and interior design for private homes, shops and commercial facilities. The latest theme addressed by the architects was naval architecture and one of their projects was selected for the "European Yacht Award 2016".  

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