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Pellet stoves installation

The steps to follow in order to install the stove to professional standard

There are many stoves available on the market that can meet every aesthetic requirement with regard to shapes, dimensions, colours and materials. Many different heating requirements can also be met, from those who choose simple heating for a single room to those who require heating solutions for an open space or even for an entire house.


In any case, it is important to understand that buying a stove is not only a matter of choosing the product. Contacting a qualified installer is as important as selecting the most suitable stove and the best brand on the market.


The steps to install a stove or fireplace can be briefly described as follows:


1. Preliminary investigation of the requirements

The qualified technician will help clarify the reason why you need a stove or fireplace and will thus guide you into understanding the pros and cons of every solution.


2. Technical site inspection

Every house has unique features. In order to find the most suitable pellet or wood solution, different technical aspects must be considered, such as volume to heat, the number of exposed external walls, the number of windows, exact geographical position, exposure to the sun, insulation rating, and so on. All these preliminary calculations will help calculate the correct size of the stove and identify the best installation solution based on the building’s features.

Thanks to the new augmented reality application, MCZ@HOME, MCZ retailers are the only ones that are also able to show you the stove directly in your home. You will see the stove materialise exactly in the point that has been identified as the most suitable for installation. You will be able to choose the model or finish that best suits your tastes and then take a picture.




3. Quotation and design

The price of a pellet stove or fireplace has little meaning if it is not evaluated as a whole along with flue and installation costs. Therefore, the most accurate quotation is only possible after the technical inspection is carried out and includes all the necessary items, so as to avoid any nasty surprises. The quotation will enclose the 3D photo taken during the technical on-site inspection.


4. Installation and first start-up

Correct installation by qualified personnel is essential for stoves and fireplaces. For example, all MCZ retailers have technical experts in the industry or they outsource professionals who have been trained by the company and are able to install and set the products. The first start-up is also important and this is done when the brazier is started for the first time. This is when any adjustments are carried out and a detailed explanation of how the product works is given to the customer.


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