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Summer pellet boiler

The clean technology of pellets for domestic hot water 365 days a year

Ugo from Bologna asks:

I’m thinking about substituting the diesel boiler that I use for the radiators and immediate access to hot water for a pellet boiler that I can also use in the summer for my apartment measuring 105 square metres. Would the RED Compact 14 pellet boiler be right for me? Can switching it on frequently and for brief periods of time for immediate access to water damage it?


RED Customer Care responds:


All RED pellet boilers are fitted with a summer/winter function. By enabling the ‘summer’ function, deviation of the three-way valve towards the heating system is inhibited, meaning that the radiators are not heated. The flow is subsequently directed towards the domestic hot water (DHW) circuit. The boiler therefore will only be activated upon the request for heat from the domestic system, regardless of the room temperature.

Depending on how you use your hot water, this may involve switching it on frequently and for brief periods of time, which in the medium/long term can effectively damage the boiler.

To overcome this problem, we always recommend teaming it with a storage cylinder or puffer, which allows for the storage of the hot water produced and its provision when required, even when the boiler is switched off. There are three advantages to consider: Firstly, the boiler is switched on less frequently, extending its lifespan. Secondly, pellet consumption is reduced. Thirdly, there is a gain in terms of comfort as you won’t have to wait for the boiler to switch on for your hot water.


We hope we have answered your question thoroughly, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Customer Care

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