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Heating: a single stove for the whole house

Solutions to heat a whole house with just one stove

It's easier to think of a stove as a heating system that supports a traditional boiler, even in cold days or in spring and autumn, when turning on the whole system would be too expensive.

However, there are stove models that can replace a boiler in every respect, as they can heat the whole house on their own. These are ducted stoves and hydro stoves – increasingly popular products because you can make the most of the benefits of pellets with maximum savings.


Comfort Air MCZ

Ducted stoves: warm air throughout the whole house

“Ducted” stoves are connected to the wall pipes, through which warm air is conveyed into several rooms. There are fans that in some cases "push" and in other cases "draw" the heat produced inside the stove and then they let it out from diffusers or vents. In the various rooms where the air is conveyed, the user can control and program both the desire temperature and the ventilation.

The Comfort Air® ducting system has been patented by MCZ and is available for over 40 models of stoves and fireplaces, both pellet or wood-fired ones. Comfort Air® provides an innovative technical solution: rather than being forced outside, hot air is drawn in and spread by natural convection. This ensures a more efficient and even propagation of heat, as well as quieter operation

The diffusers designed for the Comfort Air® system by MCZ are the only ones on the market that also provide a lighting and aromatherapy function. Discreet and elegant, you can place them wherever you want, even near the floor. Warm air constantly comes out at 80°C and can reach up to 8 meters without heat losses.


Hydro pellet MCZ

Hydro stoves: hot water for all radiators

Hydro stoves produce hot water that is used to feed the heating system (radiators or underfloor heating). The most powerful models, from 20 kW up, can also produce domestic hot water for all your home's needs.

In combination with hydro stoves, we sometimes recommend installing a puffer or storage system. In the event of heating only, it stores excess hot water produced by the stove and releases it into the radiators when necessary, with the cost-effective result of heating the house even with the stove is off.  Puffers are highly recommended also in the case of domestic hot water production, as this means there is always a large amount of hot water available, instantaneously and whenever you want, even when the stove is switched off.

The hydro system by MCZ is designed to provide maximum efficiency. In a few minutes it provides hot water for all the radiators or for underfloor heating systems.

MCZ recently launched its new generation of hydro stoves, Hydromatic (Suite, Club, Musa), which allow for greater versatility of use compared to conventional hydro stoves. Indeed, in addition to an efficient heat exchange with the water in the system, these models also provide rather powerful ventilation. Ventilation is useful to quickly heat the room where the stove is installed or in spring and autumn to heat only one room instead of the entire system.


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