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Warmth that goes a long way

What's the maximum length for a stove's ducting?

Frédéric from Lyon asks:

I need to fit ducting measuring more than 8 metres on one of your Club 2.0 stoves.  Can I do this without a drop in performance?


Reply from MCZ's Customer Service:


Good morning Frédéric,

The product you are about to purchase, Club 2.0, is a latest-generation ductable stove fitted with as much as three separate air outlets, one for the room and the other two for the ducting.

The two ducting outlets are usually connected to flexible aluminium pipes, provided as standard with the Comfort Air patented kit. These pipes are used to convey hot air across a distance of up to 8 metres, ensuring an output temperatures of about 80°C.

If you need to reach across a longer distance for one or several outlets, we suggest using smooth steel pipes, which should allow you to reach a greater distances.


MCZ's Customer Service

Stufa canalizzabile Nima MCZ

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