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Design and efficiency

Redesigning living areas and saving money with a ducted stove

Have you ever seen the TV programme “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”? In France it's called “D&Co – une semaine pour tout changer” and it's one of the most popular programmes on channel M6.

A team of experts led by fiery Valérie Damidot has a week to completely transform (and for free) the house of a family in a desperate state.

Here is an episode where a pellet stove, MCZ's TUBE model, became the centrepiece of the living area and also made the existing heating system more economical and efficient.

Tube by MCZ

We're in the Île-de-France area in Coutevroult. Valére, Céline and their four children live in a large house with two floors of about 260 square metres. Most of the renovation works were done by Valére with cheap, mean and poor quality materials. M6D&Co took action when there were parts of the house that were even coming down due to water leaks.

Renovation works gave top priority to improving comfort levels in the room by eliminating existing leaks and mould that had formed over the years.

In this case, the selected heating system also had to dry the whole room. Biomass heating was perfect for this purpose and, besides, it wasn't too far from the habits of the family, who already had a stove in the kitchen.

The product chosen, MCZ's TUBE model, was installed by using the existing flue, though the final result has nothing in common with the old stove, both in terms of design and functionality.

Tube by MCZ

Compared with the old stove, the smoke outlet is at the back, meaning that it is far more discreet. Plus, TUBE blends in perfectly with the contemporary urban style and clean, minimal design chosen for the interior of the whole house. The black lacquered version, which further highlights its contemporary feel, was an excellent choice.

Thanks to its round shape, TUBE was easily placed in a corner that would have otherwise not been used.

To further bring out the value of the stove and highlight its privileged position, a background with slate-coloured split stones was chosen. It recalls the finish chosen for the main wall in the dining room.

The Comfort Air version of TUBE was chosen to heat both the living area where it was installed and the two bedrooms on the upper floor, which therefore do not need radiators. Warm air is conveyed via a ducting system that can be as much as 8 metres long.

Tube by MCZ

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