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Purchasing a stove or a fireplace

Five good reasons to think about in spring and summer

The stove and fireplace market is very similar to that of conditioners: consumers do not think about it until they feel the need. Just as we do not tend to buy air conditioners in winter when it is cold enough to wear a jumper, when lying under a beach umbrella in summer, just the thought of heating problems at home is bound to make us feel somewhat annoyed.

But, actually, spring and summer are the best times of the year to purchase a stove or fireplace sensibly and at a convenient price.

Here you can read at least five good reasons to start thinking about your next heating system during the good season.


1. Dealers

In summer heating dealers and engineers generally have less work and more spare time. If you take advantage of this, you can solve even the smallest doubt you may have before purchasing and you will promptly receive a technical inspection at home. Inspection is a crucial step in purchasing a stove or a fireplace, because it allows the engineers to understand exactly what the customer needs, what the volumes to be heated are and their distribution. It is only through these preliminary calculations that the product can be sized correctly and the best installation solution can be identified.

Spring and summer are an ideal time also to design bespoke decorative solutions, such as creating custom-designed cladding for a fireplace or for a wall that frames a stove.

Caminetto moderno MCZ

In the photo above: a spectacular fireplace such as the Forma 115 model by MCZ is ideal for minimal installations, with simple white plaster cladding, or even for more complex solutions, with frames or other decorative elements (in the photo, the De Chirico cladding, in rust-effect painted steel).


2. Installers

In winter the demand increases and stove and fireplace installers are overloaded with work. Finding a day that suits both you and the technician is sometimes an impossible feat. In the warmer seasons, instead, business slows down and installers tend to be more relaxed and available. In addition to installing the product quickly, you will find that your technician will be more inclined to explain all the information about how your new stove works and all the tricks to make it work at best.


3. Prices

Generally, stove and fireplace manufacturers announce the launch of new products in spring, but do not make them available until September. It is therefore not uncommon for dealers to make special discounts on the models they have in their inventory during spring/summer. By carefully evaluating product certifications and features, you might even get a good deal also for stoves or fireplaces that are going to be discontinued. In addition to the conventional two-year warranty, MCZ guarantees that its spare parts will remain available for over 10 years from the date of purchase.


4. Works

Installing a stove is a fairly simple task, which only takes half a day, yet it also involves having to open windows, cleaning, going in and out of the house: all things that, of course, can be done more easily in spring and summer. In fact, not only installation but also other necessary works are best done in summer, such as creating a new smoke outlet on the roof, creating a custom-designed cladding for a fireplace, or fitting hot air ducts in the wall to make sure the heat reaches several rooms. In addition, in summer it is almost natural to think of other types of work connected to the stove, such as fixing thermal insulation, an essential factor for consumption reduction and saving.

Stufa moderna Curve MCZ

In the photo above, the Curve pellet stove can heat several rooms simultaneously. Hot air is conveyed through compact ducts, also suited for partitions and non-load bearing walls. 


5. Stock of pellets and wood

If you need to stock up on pellets or wood, summer and spring are the best time. Market availability is wider, there is all the time you need to look for the lowest prices and best quality, with no fear of ending up being cold.

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