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Ducted air stoves and fireplaces

How and where the hot air produced by a pellet stove can be conveyed

Pierpaolo, from Siena, is about to buy a closed pellet fireplace by MCZ, "VIVO 80 COMFORT AIR". The aim is to convey hot air in other rooms to be able to warm up several rooms along with the one where the fireplace is installed. As the retailer Pierpaolo contacted is not an installer, he was not able to clear all his doubts. Let's answer his questions.



MCZ's Comfort Air® system can effectively convey hot air in other rooms up to a maximum distance of 8 metres. But is for each individual outlet (8+8) or maximum 8 metres in total (so 4 + 4)?

For the hot air ducting, we consider 8 metres for each individual outlet. For the Vivo 80 pellet fireplace, which has two outlets, one can calculate 16 m of ducting in total.


Can I bring both outlets in different rooms in relation to the one where I have installed the closed fireplace or does it need to be in the same room? If an outlet must necessarily be in the same room where I install the closed fireplace, can I split the other outlet so that I can heat up another two rooms anyway?

Both air outlets can be ducted in other rooms in relation to the one where the fireplace is installed. With the Comfort Air Basic system, the air fan is positioned behind the diffuser. When the air reaches a certain temperature, the fan starts and conveys hot air in the room where the diffuser is positioned.

If there is the need to warm up, for instance, three rooms, I can manage the larger room with a single outlet and split the other outlet. I need to carry out two branches with the same length in order to ensure the same flow rate of hot air in both rooms. In this case, we recommend the Comfort Air Slim system, where the fan is positioned inside the counter-hood and then this is where the ducting pipes leading to the diffusers start.

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