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Sunday ONE Tower

The king of the ONE range on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Italia

The format of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition (EMHE for those in the know) is the same the world over: a team of experts, with a very glamorous team leader, has seven days to turn the dream of having a new home into a reality for a family living in very challenging conditions.

It's not just the house that needs renovating. The garden needs to be redone too and it must be taken care of in detail and look welcoming - just like the inside of the house. With little time on their hands, there is nothing better than a masonry barbecue to furnish outdoor spaces and turn them into areas to enjoy whilst adding a touch of elegance. Luca Pirani, the garden designer for the Italian edition of EMHE, chose a range of innovative barbecues that are extremely easy to assemble.

The barbecues from the ONE range by Sunday, consisting of a few pieces of solid two-coloured marble grain (white Carrara and grey). You only need 20 minutes to assemble a barbecue king like Sunday's ONE Tower, featured in the episode of EMHEI recorded in Poggio Nativo (Rieti).

It's an innovative BBQ because it can work with either wood, charcoal or gas, in combination with the Sunday DUO System unit.

The wide hood with chimneypot is ideal to let out the smoke upwards and avoid filling your neighbours with smoke while you're cooking.

In the steel brazier you can burn your choice of logs to create aromatic and scented embers and make a truly fantastic grill!

The compartments at the bottom can be used to store wood or they can be fitted with metal shelves. And the side wooden support surfaces, the tool holders and optional cooking tools are perfect to customise your barbecue, along with the enamelled cast iron hot plate

Sunday ONE Tower

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