The Sunday ONE barbecue in Extreme Makeover Home Edition

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A BBQ is also needed when redoing up the house

The Sunday ONE line, protagonist of the Italian edition of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

The second edition of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (EMHE for friends) has just started in Italy. Four episodes in which not only the house is done up but also the garden. In fact, the team led by the team leader Alessia Marcuzzi also includes an experienced garden designer, Luca Pirani, who makes the outdoors more liveable and enjoyable by remembering to install a barbecue.

It is no coincidence that the Sunday ONE line was chosen. They are aesthetically appealing barbecues, made of sturdy two-tone marble granulate, which decorate the garden and are quick to clean and ideal for staying outdoors for long.

There is another crucial aspect that makes them stand out from all the others. The Sunday ONE barbecues are the only barbecues on the market that can be used either with charcoal (or wood) or gas. Simply move an accessory, which is the 2-burner gas unit, and you're done.

The tray is used for the charcoal in one case and becomes a fat-draining tray when cooking with gas. The grill? It's always the same: a bio stainless steel grille, specifically designed to drain the cooking fat to the sides and avoid flare-ups.

sunday one

In large families, such as those on the EMHE program, a product like this is really ideal for spring and summer. Sunday lunch can be cooked calmly on charcoal or wood. Dinner during the week, when the rhythm is faster, you can still count on a great grilled meal, even though it's the gas that does all the work and not the charcoal.

Sunday ONE Hood

The Sunday ONE line includes different models and is sold in large retailers with the best brands. The one shown in the first episode of EMHE, aired on Monday, 02 June, is ONE HOOD.

Its hearth is 70 cm wide and is spacious and practical to cook for all the guests. It is protected by a stylish hood made of marble granulate, ideal when you want the smoke to rise as high as possible and when you want a more traditional-looking barbecue. The wood can be stored conveniently in the lower part, setting the embers directly in the hearth.

For cooking with gas, you can match the DUO System gas unit, which is positioned in the internal grooves and amplifies the possibilities of use.

As an option, there is also the robust plate made of enamelled cast iron. To personalise your barbecue all the more, you can purchase wooden side shelves and cooking tops made of steel and a utensil holder. Come optional, è disponibile anche la robusta piastra in ghisa smaltata. E per rendere il vostro barbecue ancora più personalizzato potete acquistare ripiani laterali in legno, piani d’appoggio in acciaio e portautensili. You can also match the ONE Side module, in order to have an additional support surface for all your needs. ONE Side is also perfect to fit the Duo System gas unit (provided with feet) and to cook several dishes at a time, on one hand using gas and on the other hand using embers.

Sunday ONE Hood



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