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The most feminine stoves

Three perfect models to furnish with a touch of feminine style

Stoves are generally related to the construction and renovation industry and their technical features often prevail on the aesthetic ones. MCZ and Sergio Leoni, two brands of the MCZ Group, offer practical and efficient products, that are also able to become real pieces of furniture which enrich the rooms in which we live with a touch of elegance and femininity.

Here we propose three examples of feminine unconventional stoves: Maria Sofia (new product for 2016) by Sergio Leoni, Lam and Toba by MCZ.


Maria Sofia by Sergio Leoni: a touch of new light for lovers of vintage

Maria Sofia offers an atmosphere of great elegance as a result of the finely designed ceramic with a jewel effect. The light in the home is refracted providing luminosity and ever-changing variations.

Like precious fabric is able to transform a dress into a magnificent garment that will surely not go unnoticed, so the faceted surface of Maria Sofia attracts attention and transforms the room in which it is installed into a room full of glamour and charm.

Its round shape, simple and minimalist, is embellished by three stylish inserts in brass or nickel, which amplify the lighting effect and give it a sophisticated look. The metal grille of the top incorporates the finish of the front inserts, offering an original geometric pattern. It is available in black ceramic with metallic nickel inserts or white ceramic with brass inserts.

More information here:

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet

Maria Sofia - Sergio Leoni stufa a pellet


Lam by MCZ: an original and bold metallic mesh for those who love industrial style

With its trapezoidal shape, and especially with its sides in perforated metallic fabric, Lam gives the room a distinctly bold and original appearance. The contrast between different colours and surfaces creates a contrasting effect to make the space in which it is installed unique.

The metallic fabric, obtained by the intertwining of steel wires, is a material rarely used in the industry that gives a tactile and technological effect to the stove and, at the same time, allows for optimal heat distribution.

The upper black aluminium top with a precise graphic mark denotes also the upper part of the object, which cannot go unnoticed to the lovers of industrial chic.

As an alternative to metallic mesh, Lam is also available with white, black, or burgundy serpentine stone sides.

More information here:

MCZ - stufa a pellet Lam

LAM pellet stove by MCZ

Stufa a pellet LAM


Toba by MCZ: a new ceramic finish with leather effect for fashion addicts

Toba, one of the most iconic MCZ products and the first pellet stove to win the prestigious IF Design Awards in 2011, is also offered with a leather-effect ceramic finish, highly tactile and very original. In line with the materials used for other interior items, but also with the accessories and the trendiest clothes, this stove becomes the perfect furnishing accessory that can make special every room in which it is included.

Feminine and essential, Toba is the ideal choice for an unconventional and independent style.

In addition to the leather-effect ceramic finish (Skin), this stove is available in white, black, burgundy and in serpentine stone or sandstone.

More information here:

toba stove pellet design

Stufa a pellet Toba

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