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Modern with zest

From country house to open space

FAR Arredamenti's interior designers staff have seen to the renovation of a country house set among the Franciacorta hills, in the North of Italy, and turned it into a modern open space.

The building, set in a courtyard with garden, used to have several floors, but now it is a single and free-flowing space, separated by a spacious gallery.

The living area is arranged on the lower floor, with a large living room and a raised kitchen/dining room, and the basement houses the gym and laundry room. The gallery is visible through the crystal parapet that runs along its perimeter and houses the sleeping area, with the master bedroom and private bathroom.

The pre-existing house already had a modern closed fireplace, model Vivo 90 Wood of MCZ, the facing of which however needed to be completely redesigned to suit the general living setting.

Instead of treating it as a traditional fireplace, it was chosen to emphasize its “industrial” appearance, partially encasing it in plasterboard to leave the large flue exposed. To harmonise with the floor finish, obtained from the original oak parquet, the plasterboard has been painted in charcoal grey. It has been set into a rust-effect painted steel frame to better highlight the fire area.

The hot air outlet grilles have been arranged at the sides, while the aeration inlets of the casing - a lower one at the wood compartment level and a higher one on the plasterboard cover - are completely concealed, safeguarding the essential, clean design of the front. 

Camino MCZ progetto Fararreda

Camino MCZ progetto Fararreda

Camino MCZ progetto Fararreda

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