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How do Pellet Boilers work

A super-efficient alternative to stoves or fireplaces

Biomass boilers (pellets or wood) are interesting products under several aspects. They can heat even entire buildings using only renewable resources like pellets or wood instead of more costly products from non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil and gas. Therefore, they guarantee truly interesting savings, in terms of actual fuel costs, on top of the incentives for renewable energy systems.

Pellet boilers are designed to heat the water in radiators or the floor heating system in just a few minutes, as well as the domestic hot water needed for one or more family units. They are usually paired with a puffer or storage cylinder, a sort of container that keeps the water hot, whether it will be used for the radiators or for domestic use, depending on the need.



Pellet boilers are normally installed in utility rooms, just like a normal gas boiler. The RED Compact range has "all-inclusive" boilers that take up considerably little space and are all in class 5. They have everything they need in minimal space to make installation fast and easy; the hydraulic unit is already integrated into the structure, as is the pellet tank, which is wide and ample for excellent autonomy. RED Slim pellet boilers, for example, 28 centimetres deep, are perfect for small utility rooms or balconies.

The Compact range also includes Compact Easy Clean boilers, designed to make routine cleaning as infrequent as possible (emptying ashes, cleaning the brazier) so you can forget about your pellet boiler for several months at a time. In addition to an automatic system that cleans the brazier, these boilers are equipped with a practical trolley that accumulates the ashes, which can be emptied every 2-3 months.



All RED biomass boilers can be integrated with ACS and accumulation tanks as well as with external pellet tanks (with hopper or pneumatic loading). They can also be paired with thermal solar panels, sold under the RED brand, in order to use the system even during the summer months.

As they are renewable energy systems, class 5 pellet boilers fall under many forms of national incentives. The price of the complete system varies, however, based on the overall power which, in turn, depends on the volume to heat and the size of the family unit.

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