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Loading a pellet boiler

What other pellet feed systems are there in addition to the internal tank

Steven from Beaufays (Liege, Belgium), asks us:

I purchased one of your Compact 24 boilers and would like to know if you offer pellet feeding systems as accessories, because it is not very convenient to have to reload the boiler every day when it is very cold.

Thank you and have a good day.


The RED Customer Service answers:

Dear Steven,

When consumption is quite high, the pellet can be stored in a special hopper, even positioned at a certain distance from the boiler, which can be loaded by special tank trucks. Pellets are automatically collected from the hopper and placed in the boiler by means of a pneumatic extractor or an auger.

In this way the autonomy of operation of the boiler can be increased by a couple of days to several weeks.

In your case, there are two alternatives from the brand RED:

  1. a Big Bag, i.e. a hopper for pellets made of fabric;
  2. a 200 kg (size 580x980x1170 mm) or 400 kg (1160x980x1170 mm) remote hopper.

The choice depends on your consumption and on the space actually available to y. We still recommend you to contact your retailer to identify the right product for you.

Best regards

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