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"A great sense of home"

The wood burning fireplace is also ideal if children are around

Salvatore and Nicoletta had never considered a wood burning fireplace. With two young children at home it seemed like an almost dangerous whim and in any case a waste of time and energy.

"When we chose this house, everything was ready for a fireplace to be fitted in", says Nicoletta. "And so we said, why not. We started to look around and in magazines we noticed that the fireplace could be fully integrated in the furnishings to become an element of great effect. We had very a clear idea of what we needed with regards to measurements and dimensions. The fireplace had to fit into the total black wall that we had imagined. Vivo 70 Wood by MCZ was simply perfect”.

By reproducing the black band element found in other areas of the home, Nicoletta has created a wall of absolute black granite in which she placed the fireplace, flush-mounted to the wall with the simple frame of 4 black sheet metal sides. A niche containing the wood is found in the lower part of the fireplace, an important compartment as it fully exploits the depth of the cubic element on the façade, from where the flue begins, where aesthetics merge with functionality. The light grey resin floor brightens the environment.

The wooden wall next to the fireplace is made of hand brushed and oiled oak planks that comes to life along the fire and matures with it. During the winter the planks dry, the joints open up to 5 mm and this creates a horizontal weave, which then disappears during the summer when the planks return to their original size.

Vivo 70 Wood warms the entire living area on the ground floor with natural ventilation. By channelling one of the higher outlets the bedroom found directly above the living room is also heated thanks to a short and perfectly vertical channelling pipe.

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