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Designer pellet stoves

From heating appliances to decorative items

The first MCZ pellet stove was Antares, in 2002, an especially spot-on model, that marked MCZ's growth towards a European leadership position in biomass heating. Since then the aesthetic appearance of MCZ pellet stoves has undergone a rapid evolution, that has gone hand in hand with the technical innovation and the growing of a certain “culture of design”, that quickly became one of the company's main competitive advantages.

The first outcomes of this new awareness took a tangible form in 2011 with one of MCZ's most iconic products, TOBA, the first pellet stove that won the prestigious IF Design Award and still today one of the most elegant and remarkable models on the market.

Toba features two essential style markers, which were to become a sort of "signature" for all of MCZ's flagship models and for whole range of novelties: the absence of exposed ventilation grids on one hand, and the use of valuable covering materials on the other (ceramics, stone, glass, metals).



A clean front surface, without visible grids, is a real challenge from the technical point of view for a pellet stove. The grids are in fact required for optimal heat distribution, and eliminating them means seeking an alternative way to achieve the same result in terms of performance.

In Tube for instance, the conventional grid has disappeared. The stove distributes heat through a single perimeter cut, extremely inconspicuous, located underneath the top. The final result is an elegant and refined item, among the very few round pellet stoves on the market. 

Stufa a pellet Tube

The design of models Cap, Tray and Lam also involves an utterly clean front, without any grids. In these stoves the heat is distributed by natural convection, without forced ventilation, through openings both on the body and sides, that do not affect the overall essential character of the design.

Stufa a pellet LAM

Stufa a pellet Tray


In addition to a care to form, turning a heating appliance into a decorative item requires a special attention to materials. MCZ has chosen to cover the technical core, the machine, with valuable materials, in line with those used for other interior design items.

This has led for instance to Toba's new leather-effect ceramic covering, a preview of which is shown below. 

Stufa a pellet Toba

MCZ's latest models - showcased at the recent international industry events, Flam’expo in Lyon (February 2015) and ISH in Frankfurt (March 2015) - are also geared towards the utmost care in materials. This is a whole range of Nordic-style pellet stoves, with a severe and minimalist appearance, enhanced by the extreme care to details and materials.

The ductable pellet stove Klin features wide surfaces in glass, sheet metal and stone, used with significant thickness, to lend it solidity and high value.

Stufa a pellet Klin

Stufa a pellet Klin

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