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How the hydro stoves and fireplaces work

They heat air, but also the water of the heating system

Andrea, from the province of Florence, asks:

I'd some suggestions for products that can be connected to radiators. Thank you.


The MCZ Group Customer Service replies:

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your interest in our products. The stoves that can be connected to the existing heating system (radiators or underfloor heating) are called "Hydro" (hydro stove or stove water heaters). Basically, instead of just heating the air, these products produce hot water for the entire system.

With the same principle, you can choose a wood-burning or a pellet product. The difference between the two is in the ability to program them, which exists with pellet products but not with wood-burning ones.

The hydro products not only include stoves, but also fireplaces, wood-burning or pellet products, and even range cookers. The range cookers can burn wood and are worth considering because they let you cook and heat the entire house at the same time.

If there are no special aesthetic needs, the alternative could be a wood-burning or pellet boiler that is installed in a technical niche and can heat very large volumes.

We therefore advise you, first of all, to decide on whether you want a wood-burning product or a pellet one. Then, decide on whether you would prefer a fireplace, a stove, a thermo cooker or a boiler. Lastly, you need to determine how much power the product needs, based on your home and heating requirements.

Hydro products generally go from 12 to 25 kW and the volume they can heat varies from 250-300 cubic metres (a house of about 100 square metres) up to 500-600 cubic metres (a house of over 200 square metres). The most powerful products, combined with a heat exchanger and a storage system, can also produce domestic hot water for all your home's needs.

To determine exactly how many kW your product needs to have, our advice is to contact one of our retailers or a trusted heating technician. They will be able to evaluate the insulation degree of your home and the volume you want to heat.

There is a set of links below to help you choose. We also remind you that there is always our "Buying Guide for Pellet Stoves" available, where you can find some other useful tips.

For the MCZ brand

For the RED brand

For the J. Corradi brand

We hope this has been helpful and we wish you all the best.

Hydro fireplaces and stoves MCZ

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Hi. How can I buy it?

Hi, you can find a list of MCZ retailers on this page: https://www.mcz.it/en/store-locator/

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