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Total black in a pool of white light

Heating the refuge of an inveterate traveller

The solution might seem rather daring. An all-black cladded fireplace (model Forma B95 of MCZ) in the heart of a three-floor building that is anything other than luminous.

The secret? A column of light that pierces the double row of skylights set in the ridge of the roof, flooding the entire house. Total-white furnishings and glass partitions complement the feeling of extreme, airy cleanliness. On close inspection, the black surface chosen is not uniform, but metallic, almost bronze-like, of  irregular texture.

The restoration was more challenging than we expected. The only bearing wall was the central one. We decided to paint it black to emphasise its function. The fireplace, set against this wall, followed suit. - Architect Rosanna Bignucolo

The vent outlets are also black. The model chosen (Mono 20), in white-varnished steel, was painted with the same technique. Positioned above the fireplace, the air vents warm the room uniformly and are fitted with a special compartment for water or fragrant essences.

The double-fronted opening is an ingenious solution for separating the living and kitchen areas.   In addition, combined with the under-floor heating system, the fireplace is ideal for warming the ground floor quickly, especially considering that the owner is often away. - Architect Rosanna Bignucolo

The refuge effect is enhanced by the lateral walls outside, whose original pebble and brickwork cladding has been left unaltered. The restructuring work has restored ancient windows, arches, doorways,  trusses. These details testify and contribute to preserving the original identity of the edifice.

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