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Super flat, super discreet

Reclaiming a difficult niche with a pellet stove

David and his family live in Mons, Belgium, in a house that is over a hundred years old. While they were carrying out a series of renovation works, David and his wife started thinking about a fireplace or a stove, which could help them in several ways.

Why did you start looking for a pellet stove?

We needed an additional source of heat to support the central heating system. We already had an open fireplace in the living room but we knew that we needed something else to warm the house up properly. My sister had an MCZ pellet stove and she was really happy with it. We were impressed with the idea of heating quickly but most of all we liked the idea of being able to programme the stove based on our schedules.

Why did you choose MCZ's Philo model?

We created a partition wall to conceal an old flue and to divide the dining room from the living room. We need a firebox, which could be installed in that wall and the model Philo was the perfect choice for various reasons.

First of all, Philo has an upper smoke outlet and this feature makes us able to use the existing duct.

Secondly, since it has a fairly limited depth (just 27 centimetres), we could install it flush with the wall, making it really discreet. Our dining room is long and narrow and any protruding object would become an annoying obtacle.

Finally, Philo is one of the few stoves on the market with two air flows that you can adjust to fit your needs, an upper one and a front/side one. This way, as we put it in the niche ourselves, we can decide where we want the heat to come from.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a pellet stove?

It's important to see the product, or at least a similar model, in operation. For us, this was essential: we were able to listen to the noise of the fan and understand how everything worked.

Are you happy with your Philo pellet stove?

We're really happy with its design and performance. It's not too noisy and is really easy to use, both with the remote control and in manual mode. The only inconvenience is having to clean the brazier. You have to do it regularly but then, it only takes 2 minutes a day.

Narrow pellet stove MCZ

Narrow pellet stove MCZ

Narrow pellet stove MCZ

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