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Configure your 100% renewable system

A practical tool to discover which of system's configuration is the best for you

Wood or pellet, stoves and boilers, solar power. There is so much to choose from and, most of all, how do you go about choosing the type of heating that is suitable for the individual home and hot water requirements of every family? RED  has thought this through and offers you a practical orientation tool on its website,

Simply click on "Configure your system" and, based on your heating requirements and lifestyle, the tool will come up with a sample system configuration featuring renewable energy that is environmentally friendly and affords savings of up to 40% compared to traditional fuels.

Do you prefer the saving of wood or the practicality of pellets? Do you want to optimise solar energy? Do you live in a small (up to 120 m2 ), medium (from 120 m2  to 200 m2 ) or large (over 200 m2 ) home? Is your family unit small, medium or large? Can your hot water consumption be defined as normal, frequent or considerable? Answer these few simple questions with a click, and there's your answer. A sample configuration, a list of products, including stoves, boilers, solar panels, storage tanks, suited to your needs, and all the information you might need to make your choice. Once you have that list, you can contact the dealer, the importer or the agent of your area to have a price offer.

All the products listed are produced by RED, the MCZ Group's brand dedicated to renewable systems to be used 365 days a year: biomass systems (pellet stoves, pellet and wood boilers, remote tanks for boilers) and solar systems  (panels, water cylinders, control unit), all of which are easy to use, afford high performance levels and are competitively priced. RED will expose in "Progetto Fuoco" (Verone, 19-23 February, hall 6-B).

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