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Reinterpreting an old fireplace

Innovative solutions to create a unique atmosphere that combines practicality and tradition.

A traditional fireplace, the good old open hearth, full of memories and emotions has become increasingly obsolete in our time, where the culture of saving energy is becoming more and more relevant in our lifestyles.

With a 90% performance level for a stove against the 30% of an open fireplace, these architectural elements representative of past traditions and cultures are slowly disappearing.

How can we turn the old fireplace into an element that can truly provide heat and, why not, do so independently?

One of the most popular solutions is to install an insert, this means a closed fireplace like the one in the picture here below.

Over the last few years, I happened to offer an alternative solution to the installation of an insert to restore an old fireplace, i.e. placing a stove inside it and using the existing flue. This kind of solution, which may simply look like a makeshift solution, is offered by a number of interior designers as an important decorative element – to the extent that, in some cases, a niche that looks like a fireplace is created already at the design stage and will be used as a space devoted to a small stove.

There are also some relevant advantages from a building point of view. No important brickwork is required and it is very easy to install the stove using the existing flue.

There is only one thing to mind: before you decide to install the wood stove in the flue, you need to thoroughly check the chimney to make sure it is not obstructed or unsuitable.

Here below I selected some interesting inspirations. The stove can be inserted in different settings: traditional, classical, swedish, country. 

Why not choose a pellet stove at the same purpose? Here below you can see the proposal of MCZ: this is Cute, a stove with small size and top smoke outlet, that has also a larger flame brazier. It is a product that lets you not regret the beauty of wood-burning fire and combines the aesthetics of the wood's flame with the practicality of pellets.

For other photographs and ideas, you can also take a look at our dedicated area on Pinterest:

We had a lot of fun selecting also unusual alternatives for non-working fireplace, as the ones you see in the gallery here below.

So, ideas are many, give your old fireplace a new lease of life and... happy xmas to all of you!

PHOTOGRAPHS: House to home, Jelanie Design Shop, Apartment Therapy

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