Stoves and fireplaces: better to buy them in summer

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Pellet heating

Why one should think about it in summer

The stove and fireplace market is very similar to that of conditioners: nobody thinks about it until they feel the need. Heating problems seem very remote when under a sun shade, exactly the same way one does not feel the need for air conditioning when wearing a pullover. Yet, summer is actually the perfect time to purchase a stove or fireplace, or at least to start thinking about it. Let's see why.


1. Dealers have more time to devote to you.

Summer is a calm time for heating dealers and engineers. Take advantage of that to solve the smallest doubts, have several quotations made, but above all to have an engineer come for an inspection. The technical inspection is a crucial step in purchasing a stove, because it allows you to understand exactly what the volumes to be heated are and their features. It is only through these preliminary calculations that the product can be sized correctly and the best installation solution can be identified.


2. Installers are freer.

In winter, the best installers of stoves and fireplaces are overworked, amidst new projects, maintenance and repairs. Finding a day that suits both you and the engineer is sometimes an impossible feat. In summer however, when activities grind down to a near halt, the installer is more relaxed and free. Even free to waste a little time for an extra chat on the day-by-day use of your stove.


3. Stove prices are lower.

It is not uncommon for dealers to make special discounts on their inventory in the spring/summer. Usually, these are perfect stoves, that might be a real bargain. Even if you buy a stove that is about to go out of production, fear not: in addition to the classic two-year warranty, spare parts remain available for over ten years.


4. It is more convenient to carry out work, especially the most significant.

If one needs to carry out work on the property, the fine season is obviously the most suitable time. Even the easiest stove installation requires opening the windows, cleaning, going in and out of the house, which is all done a lot more easily in the summer. Even more so if it is a matter of creating a new smoke outlet on the roof, making new wall hot air ducting, connecting a hydro stove to to the existing system, as one is certainly helped by fine weather. In the summer it is also easier to think of other types of work connected to the stove, such as fixing thermal insulation, an essential factor for consumption reduction and saving.


5. Pellets and wood are more easily available and cheaper.

If you need to stock up on pellets or wood, summer and spring are the best time. Market availability is wide, there is all the time you need to look for the lowest prices and best quality, with no fear of ending up being cold.

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