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A fire lights in the kitchen: it is a pellet fireplace

A very successful project implemented in Lyon with an MCZ Vivo 80

The setting is a residential district on the outskirts of Lyon. What today is a beautiful contemporary villa was until four years ago a former coffee house, which was extended year after year by adding buildings and storerooms. The renovation, curated by the firm Dank Architectes, entailed knocking down some outbuildings and extending the main block of the house around a single storey. The house has been designed so that adequate room is provided for members of the family to spend time together, as well as for their study and privacy.

In particular, the kitchen is designed with a cooking area, housing a wide fitted storage wall and American style island table, as well as a dining room overlooking the garden and swimming pool. The space is ample, extremely bright, thanks to an entirely glazed wall and the mixed interior décor, playing with white lacquer, steel and honey oak.

Inside the storage wall, constructed with light wood doors, a fireplace lights up as if by magic. It is the Vivo 80 model by MCZ.

The owner clearly demanded a fitted heating source that would work on pellet: he sought a "cleaner" heating system, cheaper than gas, but just as convenient to use. However, he wanted a product that would fit harmoniously within the décor. Unfortunately, no pellet stove was up to the demand.

We found out that there was the possibility to build a stove/fireplace directly into the wall. It was an enlightening flash of inspiration. It is impressive to see the flame burn right inside the kitchen furniture. Our guests are blown away each time. – Marc Tuaillon

Perfectly flush, the Vivo 80 fireplace fits in with the other column fitted household appliances, such as the oven and the coffee machine. The unassuming appearance combines with wholly respectable performance: the product simultaneously heats three rooms on its own, because it has been ducted with the Comfort Air system, patented by MCZ. Wall pipes convey the hot air from the kitchen to the two rooms upstairs. Ventilation and temperature can be conveniently adjusted with a remote control.

The pellet's convenience also lies in the possibility to program the appliance.

In winter, we set the fireplace to start around five in the morning. It is a joy going into the kitchen and discovering that the fire is already lit for us, lighting the room and spreading a pleasant burnt wood aroma. – Marc Tuaillon

Refill operations are carried out at the back, in the TV room, with no mess or encumbrances. The solution found by the Dank Architectes team is ingenious: the filling hatch is completely hidden by a false door, a convenient and discreet idea, which also makes maintenance and cleaning operations easier. Vivo 80's filling hatch may be placed at the front, at the side or at the rear as in this case, providing the designer with the widest creative freedom.

Dank Architectes projet MTU

Cheminée à pellet Vivo 80 de MCZ

Cheminée à pellet Vivo 80 de MCZ


PHOTO: Dank Architectes (information on the renovation project:

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