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Dreaming of a fireplace? Choose a pellet fireplace.

Andrea and Roberta's story

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Their need was clear: Andrea and Roberta needed an additional source of heat in the living room, that could give the underfloor system a hand and make the room cosier. The large window onto the garden and the entrance door always open, in fact, led to a considerable loss of heat. One felt cold sitting on the sofa, but if the thermostat was turned up all the way the heat rose to the sleeping area, through the open stairwell. 

Our initial idea was to install a wood burning fireplace, but we had to be honest with each other: we're lazy! The idea of loading and unloading wood, preparing the wood shed and all the rest, seemed too much for our family's hectic daily routine.  We would have ended up only lighting the fireplace on holidays or weekends. - Andrea Facchin

So... pellet? Undoubtedly it would have been the most practical solution, but we had many doubts.


"We had seen several pellet stoves in operation",  Roberta tells us, "and we didn't like the flame at all. It was almost artificial, concentrated, it had nothing to do with the warmth of a wood burning fireplace."


"All of the pellet fireplaces we had seen were square", continues Andrea. "We wanted something that looked more like a real wood burning fireplace, something a bit more impressive, that really filled the wall."

Camino a pellet Vivo 90 MCZ


Why we chose it.

1. It has an exceptional design.

Vivo 90 has the same rectangular and elongated shape of a wood burning fireplace. It fills Andrea and Roberta's wall, without overwhelming. The cladding is trowel-applied lime with a natural glossy effect, enhanced by the light of the flame. The same finish has also been used on the ceiling and in the hallway, creating a clean and bright atmosphere.

2. It is easy to use.

"It is so easy that we light it every day," Roberta tells us. "We just press a button on the remote. We can load it and clean it in two minutes flat. To store the pellets we found a very practical solution. Our supplier is very close to us, he keeps our pallet in the warehouse and we go by every week to pick up 4-5 bags."

3. You can set the on and off times based on your schedule.

"Programming is the one aspect I could not live without.  You can't imagine how nice it is to wake up every morning to a lit fireplace and the entire living room bright and warm, without any effort", Andrea continues. "An invaluable pleasure. You start your day on a different foot. How could we get the same from a wood burning fireplace? One of the two spouses would have to make the effort to wake up earlier, load in the wood, light it... We're not like that!"

4. It improved the general comfort of the living room and even heats up the top floor.

Thanks to an innovative system patented by MCZ, Vivo 90 automatically adjusts combustion so as to create a uniform and constant flame, without peaks. Plus, it's very fast: once it is running, the hot air circulates in just a few minutes, coming out of simple white outlets, which also act as illuminated spots.

"We decided not to channel the air to the top floor", explains Andrea, "partly because of structural restrictions (the outlet would have been inside a walk-in closet, already set up), and partly because we don't really feel it's necessary. The way it is already, without channelling, the fireplace helps keep the sleeping area at a constant temperature of approximately 18°C. Any hotter would bother us."

5. It has a wonderful flame.

"The flame of Vivo 90 made us take back every bad thing we had to say about pellet fireplaces", concludes Roberta. "This fireplace, with its elongated brazier, is definitely an excellent compromise."

Camino a pellet Vivo 90 MCZ

yourFire project

yourFire project

yourFire project

yourFire project


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@Dan, unfortunately this product cannot be sold in the US. Please contact MCZ official dealer to see which ones of our products can be sold:

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