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The advantages of a pellet fireplace

Vivo 90 by MCZ is the real alternative to a wood-burning fireplace

Choosing a fireplace for an interior design project is not always an easy task. The aesthetics, functionality and dimensions must be considered together in order to select a product that fits perfectly into the area being designed.

The latest addition to the MCZ collection is Vivo 90, a pellet fireplace with a large 16:9 view.

With a minimal design and a gorgeous flame, that is comparable to a modern, wood-burning fireplace, this pellet product presents a new way of designing contemporary fireplaces. It combines design versatility with the convenience of pellets and the beauty of a wood-burning fireplace.

It is 90cm wide and 56cm high and fits in perfectly with its surroundings thanks to a minimal look: with no frames, free rein is given to the design of the fireplace area, where the designer can add personal touches.

Pellets are loaded through an opening that can be positioned on the side, the front or the back of the plasterboard cladding, depending on the layout of the design. Unlike other pellet fireplaces, there are no restrictions on the installation height and Vivo 90 can be placed near the floor for an even more impressive effect.

Pellet fireplace Vivo 90 by MCZ

Pellet fireplace Vivo 90 by MCZ

When a fireplace is added to a design project, the designer also needs to consider:

  • a suitable flue for the smoke outlets to the roof (usually a flue with a diameter of at least 120mm);
  • an air inlet where the product is installed, unless you want to connect the combustion air inlet directly to the outside (using a pipe with a 65mm diameter);
  • an electrical connection, required for all pellet products.

Supplied as standard with the patented Comfort Air® ducted system, Vivo 90 can heat several rooms at once, even on different floors of the house. This is not a secondary aspect and it turns this fireplace into a real, compact alternative heating system. The hot air can be carried to several rooms through the Comfort Air® ducting. With two 100mm holes at the top, various kinds of ducting can be achieved, ensuring suitable heating for up to 286 m3. A handy remote control fitted with a thermostat, supplied as standard, provides precision control over the ventilation and temperature of the various rooms where the air is conveyed.

Finally, the economic aspect should not be overlooked. By using pellets, which ensure a particularly clean form of combustion, if you purchase a Vivo 90, you can benefit from all the tax subsidies provided by renewable energy.

Launched in April for Progetto Fuoco 2014, Vivo 90 pellet is now available in all MCZ authorised retailers.

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