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Indirect cooking

Cooking techniques with fire

Direct and indirect cooking are cooking methods that use the heat differently.

Direct cooking uses the heat radiated from the embers and allows the food to be cooked only on the side "hit" by the heat. Conversely, indirect cooking uses the natural convection motion of heat generated in a closed cooking chamber and leads to more tender and succulent food


Cottura indiretta


This closed chamber can be provided with the grills with a lid, creating an "oven effect" which is very similar to the traditional oven.

The model below, for example, is the new Montana Sunday Expert gas grill. The lid, made with a double stainless steel layer, has a practical thermometer which allows the temperature to be controlled perfectly during each cooking phase.

Barbecue Montana Sunday Expert

Even some charcoal grills can be equipped with a lid for indirect cooking, such as the Sunday ONE PLUS model in the picture below. The advantage over a traditional oven or gas grill is that the food absorbs all the classic barbecue flavours and aromas, especially when using aromatic charcoal.

ONE Plus Sunday


Indirect cooking is particularly suitable for large pieces, such as loin, thighs, shins, roasts, whole chickens and turkeys, whole fish and chicken thighs and wings. It is also an ideal cooking method for fatty foods like ribs, sausages and bacon as their surface is not scorched much since they are not in direct contact with the heat source.

It is very important to monitor the temperature during indirect cooking. The ideal would be around 120°C. This is quite simple in the case of gas barbecues, whereas charcoal barbecues require a little patience and experience to "manage" the embers.

A second important tip for indirect cooking is to maintain the correct level of moisture. For the food to remain tender and not dry out while cooking, which can last several hours depending on the size, it is recommended to place a can of water inside the cooking chamber.

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