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The heating range cookers

They come in wood-burning and pellet versions

Invented in England in the first half of the 1800s, wood-burning range cookers were called “cost-effective” in Italy because they used less fuel compared to the normal, open fireplace and they were more adaptable to domestic needs (for cooking, heating water, drying laundry).

Nowadays, you can get modern range cookers that resemble the traditional models of days gone by. They even come with the classic firebox and cast iron plate. Thanks to modern combustion control technologies, however, they are far more powerful when it comes to heating. Two products, in particular, can be used to heat several rooms or even the entire house.



Range cookers in the “thermo” version are connected to the heating system and can heat the water flowing through the radiators. This means that it can become, effectively, the sole means to generate heat for the whole house.

The thermocooker is connected to the heating system via a hydraulic kit that needs to be installed on the wall. The only “masonry work” that might be necessary is a special niche near the range cooker to store the kit.

In some products, like Neos by J.Corradi, the hydraulic kit is already integrated in a handy drawer. This makes installation and maintenance easier.

Wood-burning Range Cooker J.Corradi

Wood-burning Range Cooker J.Corradi

In the photo below, the Country wood-burning range cooker by J.Corradi can heat a house of over 200 square metres.



Today, range cookers can use pellets instead wood as a fuel. They are ideal for anyone who wants the convenience and practicality of a product that switches itself on and off automatically. The warm air produced flows from a fan at the front and therefore heats the kitchen where it is installed.

Some models, like Neos Pellet by J.Corradi, are available with an oven featuring three operating modes: static pellet oven (it stays warm during the heating function, but the temperature cannot be adjusted), ventilated pellet oven (to precisely regulate the oven temperature), electric food warmer oven (in summer or when the stove is off).

Neos Pellet is available in two widths, 90 and 155. The latter also comes with gas and electrical instruments for use in summer as well.

Pellet Range Cooker J.Corradi

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