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First lighting

Does this really have to be done by an authorised technician?

Sebastian from Pisa asks:

Hello, I have just bought and installed one of your Compact 24 boilers. Do I need one of your technicians to light it up the first time?

Thank you, best regards


The RED customer service replies:

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for contacting us and for having chosen a product from our RED range.

When lighting one of our products for the first time, although it is not obligatory, in terms of the validity of the warranty, we highly recommend asking an authorised MCZ/RED technician to do it. The product may require checking and specific adjustments to the operation control unit and these are best performed by skilled personnel.

In view of their specific knowledge of our products, we recommend first ignition is done by an authorised MCZ technician, who will also be able to give you useful suggestions on the operation of your boiler.

To locate an MCZ technician in your area, contact the dealer who sold you the product or go to your nearest point of sale, which you can find on this page:

Please note that if you do decide to use a technician, this service is subject to a fee.

Best regards

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