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A fireplace in a bookcase

Tricks, care and inspiration for a combination that is not too hot

Installing a fireplace, wood or pellet, within a bookcase requires a few small steps, but produces a great effect

The only instructions to be followed are:

  • Minimum distance from walls which are flammable and not
  • Use of adequate insulation
  • Correct sizing of intake ventilation

There are specific instructions for each product which are usually found in the data sheet or user manual of the fireplace that you purchased.

Below I propose some creations that I have personally followed as technical project consultant for MCZ and some other projects I found surfing on the net.


First solution - Plasterboard bookcase

In a project carried out recently in a house in the province of Padua, designed by Caramel studio (fireplace: Vivo Wood MCZ) the bookcase was built with a plasterboard structure, obtaining various niches and shelves of different sizes.

The plasterboard was finished with a water glaze, waterproof and dustproof thus obtaining the effect of a masonry wall.

The arrangement of shelves is limited by the presence of the flue.
 In this project, you will notice how the bookcase is designed asymmetrically, a choice which was forced in this case but that creates the custom design of spaces.


Second solution - Plasterboard and wood bookcase

In the project designed by Corde studio, the double-sided wood burning fireplace, MCZ Forma Wood B95, was deliberately integrated  into the bookcase, created according to the design with shelves, uprights and racks. The marble sheet that embraces the cladding of the fireplace made of white plasterboard, extends 2-3 cm just like the threshold and bends 90 degrees towards the floor. It also ensures the protection of the wooden floor.


Third solution - Bookcase entirely made of wood

If you are looking for a solution entirely made of wood, it is important to maintain a discreet distance from the area of the counter hood of the fireplace to the support for the books and maybe clad the area around the fireplace with materials such as sheet metal, marble, sandstone.

Over here you see a picture that I dowloaded from the website of a Canadian design studio (Insight Design Inc.)

Below is a summary of other inspirations I found while surfing on the web. Many others are pinned in our board on Pinterest dedicated to this issue:

Have you created fireplace projects  integrated into a bookcase and want to share them with us?

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