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That strange smell of paint

It's normal the first time you turn on the fireplace or stove


Gloria from Rome asks:

I just bought one of your fireplaces. Today we turned it on for the first time and there is a strange smell of paint. Is it normal? Will it go away?


Reply from MCZ's Customer Service:

Good morning Gloria,

Nothing to worry about.

The smell is due to the bonding of the paint's colour, which takes place the first time the product it turned on at high temperatures.

The smell will go away entirely after turning on the product 2-3 times, it is completely harmless. Just ensure the room is well ventilated to that it goes away without causing any issues.

We also recommend loading a large amount of wood for the first two, three days or operating the product at full power for various hours. This way you can reach a temperature, which accelerates the paint bonding process.


MCZ's Customer Service


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