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An elegant lady with a high-tech heart

Is there a classic ceramic stove that runs on pellet? There is now.

A classic stove in ceramic as an equal to a wood stove. The myth is about to be debunked and it has been done by Matteo Leoni, Sergio's son, who showed me, when he was talking about a chat he’d had with one of his customers.

He was looking for a stove for his mother, who lives on her own. A very dynamic lady, despite her age, whose love for antiques goes way back, before shabby-chic style became fashionable. She loved heating with wood, but her son suggested using pellets as an alternative: they light from a click of a button. It should simplify her life and allow her to return to a warm home, even after one of her trips around the flea markets. But it had to be an acceptable alternative for her, not too minimal in design, and...above all... it had to be quiet. - Matteo Leoni

Marlene Pellet Sergio Leoni

So this was the idea: build pellet versions for some Leoni models.

But not with a traditional pellet operation, oh no. Do you think that refined lady would ever accept the pellet flame of the bottom-of-the-range stoves? That flame that looks more like a blowtorch? Or, indeed, that comes with a discount store fan that drones on all night disturbing even the neighbours?

No, this lady required an ad-hoc pellet stove. Of course, it still had to light at the touch of a button. And yes, it had to be programmable. But she shouldn’t miss the old wood-burning stoves as a result.

For Marlene Pellet, the first of Sergio Leoni's pellet solutions, fan-less heating was created.

Marlene radiates heat just like a wood-burning stove, exploiting all the refractory power of ceramic. In addition, it has an extra wide brazier, where the pellets nestle, as if on a bed, and ignite in a more natural way, with a soft and pleasant flame. The “dress” is the same romantic ceramic cladding that Leoni has been offering for over fifty years.

That's all, folks. The lady is going to be really pleased (we hope).

Marlene Pellet Sergio Leoni

Marlene Pellet Sergio Leoni

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