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Gas barbecue

Can I connect my gas barbecue to the domestic methane supply?

A question from Luigi from Padua:

As I've installed a methane valve in the porch, I'd like to know whether I can connect it directly to my Sunday ONE barbecue. I've heard that the nozzles can be replaced, do you provide a kit?


The Sunday Customer Service answers:


Dear Luigi,

The barbecue you've purchased has been designed and certified to operate with liquid gas from a cylinder (butane or propane). It cannot be connected to the domestic supply and it is also strongly advised against trying to do it: there are safety rules involved that do not admit exceptions under any circumstances.

As for replacing nozzles for a connection to the methane system, this is feasible, but it must be done by an expert technician who can also perform the required tests. This kind of job involves a radical transformation to the product, which would need a new certification to be sold. That is why Sunday's warranty becomes void if the nozzles are replaced and the company cannot be held liable for damage to property or injury to persons deriving from the modified product.


Best regards

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