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Can a barbecue be assembled with mortar?

What it is best to use with prefabricated barbecues

Luca, from Savona, asks:

Can your Sunday range barbecues be assembled with normal mortar or is anything else required?


Reply from the Sunday Customer Service:

Dear Luca,

assembling a masonry barbecue is easy and fun, but requires some precautions. The choice of the suitable cementing materials is one of the first issues to consider.

A sealing adhesive must be exclusively used for granulated marble barbecues, such as the New Jersey model in the photo, resistant to the high temperatures generated in the hearth (at least 200°C). For this purpose Sunday has patented the BETONFAST® glue which, thanks to its elasticity, allows the various components to dilate with the heat of the direct flame, without breaking, even at the high temperatures reached with the wood fire. BETONFAST® also makes it possible, in case of need, to take down the components, for example to change position or replace a worn part.

Barbecue New Jersey

Refractory concrete barbecues, such as the Merida model in the photo below, may even be assembled with normal mortar, consisting of 80% sand and 20% cement. This is possible because excessively high temperatures are never reached in these barbecues, since they are only used with charcoal and not with wood.

Barbercue Merida

As stated in our assembly instructions, it is forbidden to use high resistance or quick-setting cements (such as white cement, aluminous cement, refractory cement or tile adhesive etc.), because they do not allow for the items' thermal dilation, leading to tension that might crack the components and in some cases even break them.

We hope we have answered your question, best regards and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Sunday Customer Service

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Hi, whats the mix of mortar to apply to render a barbaque, plus the barbecue has a metal dome and client wants that rendered

@Nigel, if your barbecue is made by refractory concrete, it may be assembled with normal mortar, consisting of 80% sand and 20% cement, but you must have the precaution to use only charcoal and not wood.

I need to buy some refactory motar can you let me know the nearest place I can buy some, I live in Orpington Kent BR6 8EW. tel 07860 293359. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Walker.

Hi just cleaning my BBQ and have noticed a crack that goes all the way through the bit were you cook can it be repaired or do I need a new slab ?

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