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Assembling a masonry barbecue

We will tell you in a video

A masonry barbecue, when assembled and used in the right way, remains resistant weather conditions over a long period of time and will give you a lot of satisfactions.

Here below you will find some videos filmed by Sunday Grill to explain the right assembling process of some masonry models, from the simplest one to the hardest one, where together with the classic grill there is also a wooden-burning oven (like in the model America). It is not so difficult, isn't it? 

It is important anyway to remind that:

  1. You must pose the barbecue on a cement support base that is able to support its weight and is perfectly level.
  2. The bbq must not be cemented or glued to the base or to the floor, because in this case it could not expand and could crack.
  3. Do not exceed the amount of glue indicated. This is to avoid creating areas that are too resistant to expansion.
  4. Once all of the operations have been completed, wait at least 24 hours before inserting the accessories and using the barbecue.

So finally, enjoy your barbecue and... bon appetit!


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