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The annual manteinance

What it is and to whom it is better to contact

Giacomo from Roma asks:

I have just purchased one of your pellet products (Flair stove). What is exactly the annual manteniance and to whom may I ask? 


The MCZ customer service replies:

Dear Giacomo,

At the end of the winter season, you should consult a qualified technician to perform annual maintenance.

The technician will clean the flue, check the tightness of the seals, remove all residue from inside the stove, check the smoke emission and electromechanical components.

It is always better to contact an authorised service centre recommended by the manufacturer for this type of maintenance. 

To locate an MCZ technician in your area, contact the dealer who sold you the product or go to your nearest point of sale, which you can find on this page:

Best regards,

MCZ Customer Service

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