Accessories for Sunday barbecue

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Accessories for barbecue

They are beautiful and useful, but where to find them?

Mr. Luca from Riva (Turin) asks us:

I bought one of your barbecues and am happy with it. I wanted to buy some accessories but I can't find them. Is it possible to buy these items directly from you and get them delivered?

Thank you


The Sunday Customer Service answers:

Dear Luca,

Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately our company does not sell directly to private clients.

We advise you to choose the products that interest you from the page of the Sunday website dedicated to accessories:

With photo and product code in hand, you can go to a dealer near your house and place the order directly at the store. We suggest that you also provide the dealer with the model of barbecue, so he can make sure that the accessories you have chosen are all compatible.

Best regards 

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I bought one of your barbecues, very nice.
I cannot locate accessories. The contact you give in the US says they have not carried these items for a long time. Where can I get them?

@Thomas, you can maybe purchase them online asking to a big retailer like Leroy Merlin.

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