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Accessories and spare parts for pellet stoves

How to find them

Gilles from Rouen asks:

I own one of your Suite stoves and I would like to buy some spare parts. Who do I need to contact?”


Reply from MCZ Customer Service:

Good morning Gilles,

Accessories and original spare parts for MCZ pellet stoves cannot be sold directly to individuals. They can only be requested via a store or service centre, which can then send the order to the company.

As for common spare parts, such as the ceramic coating, brazier or gasket for the door of the pellet stove, we recommend contacting the store where you bought it or, failing that, any authorised MCZ retailer (a list is available at this address:

As for spare parts such as spark plugs, the motherboard or other internal mechanical or electronic parts, we always recommend contacting your local technician, who, as well as placing the order, can also replace the piece and test it.

In either case we still recommend that you submit the purchase invoice of your stove: it will be needed to determine the model and whether the replacement can be conducted under the warranty. In any case, please bear in mind that spare parts such as the brazier or the internal refractory material may be not covered by the warranty, as they are considered “subject to wear”.

Lastly, we always recommend choosing original MCZ accessories and spare parts, as they undergo strict in-house quality testing and can maintain the performance of your pellet stove unchanged over time.

Best regards

MCZ Customer Service 

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Cannot find a replacement burner cartridge for my widah star pellet stove its useless to me now spent $5800 now what do I do

If you live in the US, you can address your request to MCZ exclusive distributor: WITTUS INC FIRE BY DESIGN - - For further questions, please write to MCZ Customer Care (

i'm looking for a ignitor for my pellet burner, pellet stove enviro Evolution model, Din 18 891
P-BWU 10/00017
where do i purchase one from??

@Ray, we suggest you to contact the manufacturer:

I am trying to find a store within UK that supplies spare parts for MCZ club musa pellet stove 22kw [IE the brazier/grate where the pellets are dropped into from the stove]

@Walter. For any request in UK you can write to Speclflue (, that is the exclusive distributor for MCZ products and spare parts. Hope to have been useful!

Stove = MCZ Hydro 22 SUITE
The latest version of the Use and Maintenance manual introduces 'Over pressure silicon dampers' for the combustion chamber - should I be looking at getting these retro-fitted at my next annual maintenance/service due next month?
many thanks - roger

My customer has a Musa Hydro stove showing fault A11. I have cleaned the auger and replaced the drive motor but fault still persists. coukd this be a PCB fault? if so where can I order one from?

@Adrian, we are unfortunately not able to answer you. Please contact a local authorised technician, you can find a list here:

@Roger, yes, it is a good choice to add those dumpers. They have to be replaced at every annual maintenance.

We would like to contact someone locally arwg1who can supply spare parts for a
Palazzetti Margarita pellet burner and maybe give us advice on pipe work

@Ann, you should ask in the website of palazzetti, I am sure you will find an answer there.

Hello I need a ignitor for a pellet burner , its a OPOP boiler 110mm U shape please can you help ? Regards Simon Hammer

@Simon, you should contact the manufacturer, which should be NBE.

Could you supply a MCZ auger motor for 2.3m auger for remote hopper. Need it as soon as possible.

@Gail, the spare parts are not supplied by us, but by a local retailer or technician. Have a look at this page for retailers and at this page for technicians

Hi. I have a MCZ club/miss pellet burner. It is showing fault A05 (flue blocked = chimney seems ok. Wind!!!. Door open = it's closed?) Could it be a sensor problem.

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