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Wooden DIY projects

An "hand-made" Christmas by yourFire

Don't burn it, but use it!

We called in this way on of yourFire's board on Pinterest, dedicated to DIY. We collect there wooden hand-made projects. Wood is a material that stoves and fireplaces' owners have often on their hand. Just a few of them realized that logs, branches, twigs can start a brand new life.

Considering that it's finally Christmas, we have selected some DIY projects "in the mood", all of them strictly "wooden based".

See you next year!


First DIY idea: Christmas trees realised with painted or natural branches (pictures: kidspot, demilked).

Diy xmas tree

Diy xmas tree

Second DIY idea: Christmas decorations realised with draft wood, painted and assembled (picture: macarenagea).

Diy xmas tree

Third DIY idea: small gifs or favours, made with draft wood or branches (pictures: blodwenwelke.nl).

Diy xmas tree

Diy xmas tree


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