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The perfect stove?

"We found it with an app."

Lorena and Matteo, a graphic designer and an architect, respectively, recently extended their flat by closing the old veranda and creating a small study.

“We needed more space,” says Lorena, “because we both find ourselves working at home instead of in the office.”

The issue was how to heat up this new area without having to install a radiator and connect it to the rest of the system. 



“We had long been intrigued pellet stoves, an eco-friendly solution with a nice design that would have also allowed us to spend a little less,” says Lorena.

However, choosing a stove is not like buying a sofa. It's not always easy to find your way among the many offers available and often each house is a special case.

“After browsing a bit online we decided we needed advice from an expert. We filled in the form on MCZ's website for an on-site visit free of charge,” says Matteo.

The technician who came to see us carried out a thorough analysis of our situation and identified the best place to install it. At the end he recommended an air or natural convection stove with around 8 kW, which would be enough to heat the study and, with the door open, the rest of the flat too. - Matteo.

There are a number of alternatives with these features, but the choice was easy to make. With the MCZ @ HOME app available for top MCZ retailers, Matteo and Lorena were able to choose the right final design.

Two products attracted their attention. Lorena likes Thema for its soft and compact design, while Matteo prefers Cap, the natural convection stove, for its bold and essential lines. They both have a wonderful, large and pleasant flame providing the aesthetic effect of a wood-burning fire. Effective and very quiet, they are both perfect for the peaceful atmosphere of a study. Who will win?



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