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How do you use your stove or fireplace?

Take part in the survey of the European project BeReal

In recent years the technologies of biomass products (wood, pellets, wood chips) have developed very quickly, though the measurement standards used to monitor the quality of the products launched on the market did not develop at the same speed.

This is the premise of the European project BeReal, co-funded by the European Commission and promoted by a consortium of associations, companies and research centres from Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia and Holland. MCZ Group is indirectly taking part on the initiative as partner of AIEL, the most important Italian association of the Wood Energy supply chain.

The final goal of the project is to create a new quality label based on a new kind of lab test. The label will be used to better differentiate excellent products from poor quality products, a growing need felt by end customers, who are often confused when faced with alternatives that basically offer the same things.

The new test methods should be based on actual usage routines. Indeed, the project started off with a large-scale survey targeted at end users, who re-load and clean their wood-burning or pellet fireplaces or their stoves on a daily basis.

Would you like to participate on the survey? It only takes 10 minutes!

Here is the test, which is available in all European languages.


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