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A house full of personality

A project where the shabby chic style is reinterpreted with a bold twist

Away from the bustle and glitz of Venice there is the Venetian inland, a quiet and misty plain to be slowly explored with all its small and yet amazing architectural and natural gems.

This is where the owners, who are sportspeople and globetrotters, decided to recreate their humble abode. The house was built from scratch on an isolated plot of land, close to a small town. Self-construction was a definitely a challenge, yet it gave the owners the advantage of carefully considering every decision based on their requirements and taste. The whole house was built slowly, step by step, like a tailored suit.

To make sure the house would blend in well with its surroundings, the walls and external floorings were made with recycled materials from old country houses.

The inside is spread across two floors. The bedrooms, with high ceilings and exposed beams, are on the first floor, while on the ground floor there is a large open space facing the main staircase, which then goes up to the study.

For the furnishings, the owners decided to go with shabby chic influences, yet they then creatively deviated from them by adding more personal and contemporary touches. The somewhat understated romanticism of the shabby chic style is livened up by juxtaposing vivid colours with the ceramics typical of the Salento area and the almost pop colours of the paintings on the walls. The end result is therefore versatile, lively and cosy, yet still open to change depending on the mood of the owners.

A three-sided fireplace (Forma T50 by MCZ) was placed exactly in the middle of the living room, resting on the supporting pillar. This solution has proven to be highly effective to separate the different parts of the house: on one side the dining room and kitchen and, on the other side, the living room with the hall and long corridor leading to the study.

The fireplace is lit almost every day and not just because of its aesthetic appeal. As it is a vented fireplace, the MCZ model ensures the heat is perfectly spread across the entire room.

Camino a legna trifacciale MCZ

Installation: Atlantica Fuoco e Fiamme

Fireplace model: Forma T50 by MCZ


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