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Cooking on a closed fireplace?

Closed fireplaces are actually intended for heating purposes

MCZ's Customer Services Department is often asked this type of question:


Hello, I'd like to buy your Forma 95 DX/SX fireplace. After asking some local retailers, I've still got some doubts on the following issue because I was given contradictory answers. This is the question: can you grill meat for a family with this fireplace? Is it prohibited? Or you can, but the Alutec surfaces will be permanently stained? Are there any contraindications? Regards” - Gianmaria, L’Aquila


Especially now, when the first signs of spring are around, and a closed fireplace is not needed just for heating, you might be tempted to use those hot embers for a barbecue.

Beware though, cooking meat or other fatty foods on a barbecue can permanently stain the inside of the glass and refractory material of the brazier.

The inside of MCZ's closed fireplaces is made of Alutec, a particularly delicate refractory material that turns white at high temperatures and adds a unique shine to the whole firebox. This is why closed fireplaces are normally not recommended for cooking.

Having said that, if, every now and again, you feel like cooking food that does not have fatty residues (like corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes in aluminium foil, or chestnuts), you can do this even in a closed fireplace without any serious issues.

But if you're looking at barbecues, why not take a look at the extensive range of masonry barbecues from the Sunday range.

Enjoy spring.

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